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Credit Card

HMPV specialises in providing online credit card facilities for high risk industries using our bespoke gateway integration.

As a registered member service provider for Visa and MasterCard, HMPV enables you to start accepting global payments immediately without the need for a costly merchant account.

We can integrate into your existing platform and ensure that your transactions are transparent and smooth enabling you to maximise your profits and retention.
Credit Card

Premium Rate Text Messaging allows the merchant to accept quick, easy and seamless payments from the customer for virtual goods or subscriptions.

At HMPV, we can provide you with an integrated solution that blends with your existing platform. We also provide bespoke solutions and multiple tariffs to support your billing model. This solution lends itself perfectly to mobile sites and we have cross platform solutions to enable easy integration across the various mobile operating systems.
Credit Card

HMPV can provide Premium Rate Voice solutions for site to allow payments for virtual goods or solutions.

Seamlessly integrated, this service will enable you to maximise your payment options and give you a maximum return on your site traffic. Premium calls can be made from any landline or mobile and we can provide a host of tariffs to support your billing models.